Taylor’s Trouble

Maybe you’re very familiar with the name TaylorMaybe you’ve listened to the song I knew you were trouble for many times. But Taylor isn’t the famous singer you know, trouble has nothing to do with the popular song. Taylor is just one of my friends and she told me her trouble last week. The situation is that she’s going to be one member of Large Friends.
1415631150183_Image_galleryImage_Taylor_Swift_Blank_Space_副本The story goes back to November last year. It was a romantic season with everything so fantastic. Taylor’s family moved to a new city due to some mysterious reasons, so did she. She left the city she’s loved many years, the places she often went to with me, the people she knows,including me. So she had to begin new life, new job… Anything was new for her. After several days of being confused, she got a job with good salary. She also adapted to the new environment quickly. The most wonderful was that she met an excellent boy. They were workmates and the boy used his warm heart to impress Taylor in the cold winter. They accepted each other naturally.
It seemed that she was lucky enough every time. But to my surprise, the boy left her last week. Then she came to told me what happened. She said that the boy didn’t tell her why he left her. But I fond that her stature was not as perfect as last time I saw her. She became a little fat and reminded me of some dating sites I was promoting. So I recommended one nice site to her,CurvyMeet.com.
I don’t know how’s it going on now, I’m about to give her a call tonight. So my dear friends, if you’re one of those Large Friends or looking for a Large Couple, just check out the site and have fun right now!

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