A Letter From One Gold Member

There’s an e-mail from one gold member of our site, I was moved after reading. I think it’s necessary to share with everyone who’s reading now! And I hope you can be patient for it.
Dear Black:
All I want to say is thanks a lot! Now I’m in love with my husband, so is he. Here are many words that I want to say, just want to share my happiness with you!15d90724c81af55ea461b83821696b5d
I could clearly remember that I got my first Facebook account in May, 2010. I worked in a financial institution, I was getting heavier because of the boring job and lack of exercise. My workmates alienated me gradually. So I wanted to make some new friends on the Internet. One day I saw a dating page by accident. I got into the page and sent a message to you. You knew the season why I was there and recommend a site to me then. I registered an account and became a standard member. I paid for being a gold member in August. I could knew more profiles of those excellent guys from then on. In October, a perfect man appeared, that was Joe. We got along well with each other. October, the happiest time in my life, Joe proposed to me on bended knee with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I just cried and promised to him.
Now I’m a mother of three kids and full-time mom. I’m not working and when someone asked me how did I meet my husband, it reminded me of you. So I decided to write an e-mail to you. Thank you again!
Best regards,

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